SEEN - SE European Bird Migration Network
1996 Przebendowo
14 -15 December 1996,

Przebendowo, Poland

1st  Workshop of the SE European Bird Migration Network

The idea of this workshop was to bring together people from all bird stations/research group interested in solving the basic problems of SE flyway of  passerines migrating from Fennoscandia and Central/Eastern Europe through Balkans and Near East to Eastern Africa.

The aim was to allow:
  1. Exchange ideas and information on existing data from different areas;
  2. Create some common projects giving the possibilities to publish data already collected;
  3. Pinpoint  gaps in the knowledge and  in spatial coverage of the eastern flyway by study sites, discuss how to bridge these gaps;
  4. List the most important and real fields of collaboration and the most commonly accepted methods; establish first projects for 1997;
  5. Discuss needs and sources of funds for further activity;
  6. Elect the Board  and establish project co-ordinators.
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