Access procedures to SEEN Data Set*

The common Data Set compiled by the voluntary contribution of SEEN members can only be accessed if the following conditions are fulfilled:

  1. The researcher/institution requesting part or whole of the data has previously contributed data.

  2. If the researcher commits in writing that any resulting publications will be co-authored with the researchers whose data will be utilised.

  3. The availing researcher/institution understands that although the data set is compiled at SEEN, the individual data sets are private domains.

  4. All resulting publications will be acknowledged as a contribution of SEEN and will be allocated a serial number by the person in-charge of the data set when accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

  5. If possible, researchers/institutions affiliated with SEEN should make a monetary contribution in lieu of the help received.

  6. Non-SEEN members will be allowed access to the data set (or a part of it) only if (a) a written request is received, (b) is unanimously voted for by the Board and (c) the relevant contributors of the data set, and (d) a nominal fee of 100 USD is paid in advance upon approval.

  7. The acquirer will notify before hand the explicit purpose of the data set, will use it for that exclusive purpose only, and will then return the data set to SEEN or confirm that it has been destroyed. In no case will the data set be transferred to another researcher/institution or be archived for personal/library purposes.

  8. Ten (10) reprints/photocopies must be supplied to the data set manager upon final publication for SEEN archives.

  9. SEEN reserves the right to decline access to any researcher/institution considered to have negative or unethical ulterior motives.

  10. Any amount paid towards access to, or part of, the data set will not be refunded.